Monthly Archives: April 2011


What can I say… Feeling a bit better, taking painkillers but the pain is still there. Anyways at least I’m not pissed off from yesterday that much anymore… Still with the pain, but I can use the comp with two hands a bit now :) Anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIG!

August – Get Off My Brain (NoShout) ★★★★★★ *AWESOME! FINALLY NOSHOUT! :D *
Brandy – I Can’t Wait (Stargate Remix) (NoShout) ★★★★★★ *AWESOME! FINALLY NOSHOUT! :D *
Chingy – If They Kill Me ★★★★★★ *NICE!*
Claude – Baby It Yours (NoShout) ★★★★★★
Claude – Invincible (Shout) ★★★★★★
Claude – One Statement (Shout) ★★★★★★
Eminem & Royce Da 5’9 – Fast Lane ★★★★★★ *NICE!*
Jeremih feat. Phor – Mz. Right ★★★★★
Nyan Cat – Nyanyanyanyanyanyanyan ★★★★★★ *MEOWWWWWW!*
Owl City feat. B.o.B – Alligator Sky ★★★★★★ *AMAZING, MUST F*****G DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!*
RNBxBeatz Team – Pig ★★★★★★ *WHAT DO YOU THINK? ;D*
Unknown – Your Love Is Like Magic (Shout) ★★★★★★ *HOLY S**T! MUST F*****G DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!*